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We will keep you conveniently informed through the transaction as we'll send you Purchase Notification, Payment Received Notification, Shipping Notification, Feedback Reminder, etc, in order to let you feel safe and comfortable. With any questions, please feel free to ask us at any time. Our Customer Satisfaction Team has been trained to work politely, diligently and professionally, answering your inquiry promptly and addressing your specific question or individual problem with customized & detailed information. We usually respond to your emails within eight hours, and never over 24 hours because we are striving to serve customers globally 24/7/365 ! Please email us at helps@Campus111.com now, we are mostly online! As a professional online business, communication through emails is very much preferred; Just in case of internet blackout, you can call the hot phone number 800-542-1798, and leave a message if the line is busy, we'll respond to you at the soonest time.

Hundreds and thousands of customers worldwide have been served by Campus111 to 111% satisfaction since this popular eBay store was founded in 2003. Customer service is forever the top priority issue for Campus111 and our Customer Satisfaction Team always wants to know how we can serve you better. We will be with you all the time until all of your problems are resolved and you have been completely satisfied!

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Please check out one of our ebay feedback profiles: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=campus111&ftab=AllFeedback

Our Yahoo & ebay store have totally over 170,000 top-ranking positive feedback & rating profile in Internet community! Our customers are proving our strength and conscience to provide No.1 price, No.1 quality and No.1 service! Why buy from else? You can enjoy the most convenience & comforts from here! Right here right now!

Our online store campus111.com Outlet is a dedicated Internet business for your 111% satisfaction and is committed to staying here serving customers to our best for a life time. We value your satisfaction and our reputation more than anything else: Your Satisfaction = Our Reputation! Your POSITIVE Feedback & FIVE-STAR Ratings are critically important to us and the best rewards and help us serve customers better. We want to build up our excellent profile based on our super quality products, sincerity & honesty, warm & prompt service, and generous & most competitive price. What we can promise are: we never supply low quality products! We always respond to your emails very fast! We never make deceptive advertisement on conditions or price! Very occasionally the communications get messed up, but the only reason is due to temporary problems of Internet server or eBay software or auction management tools. The reason why we do business here is to satisfy you as much as we can. If you have any questions with our products and services, please let us know before you leave feedback & ratings, and you can just send us an email, we'll respond to you at the soonest time. We'll address your problem at a timely manner until it is resolved thoroughly and you feel complete satisfaction!

Online community is built up based on integrity of every member and it calls for all of us to protect it from campaign of harassment. We are a professional online company, and we earn each point based on our consistent combination of super price, products and service.

Our store " CAMPUS111.COM OUTLET " is a popular online store of advanced and quality OEM and Non-OEM Consumer Electronics & accessories, like mp3/mp4 players, digital photo frames, USB flash drives, digital camcorder, and computer peripherals, etc. We have built up long-term relationship with many manufacturers worldwide. Our R&D Dept has strong thrusts to design and develop high-tech products for better life. The advanced digital technology has already made our lives much more enjoyable and convenient! We are pleased to be able to share these great values with you as well, at a cost that can't be beat! Buy them now with confidence!

We are working hard on reliable delivery schedules and product quality with advanced management software, high standard of quality control and solid contracts with dependable shipping carriers. For USA customers, we mostly ship directly from Columbus, Ohio with USPS or UPS delivery confirmation number. We want to assure you that we will continue to provide the finest products and a world-class service with complete integrity.

All we want is to make your life easier and more enjoyable with our quality electronics & digital products! Therefore, we aim to providing you a perfect store for one-stop shopping. We'll perform better and supply more and more excellent quality products with your consistent supports. All of our efforts are for valued customers. Welcome to our online store campus111.com outlet?

If you want to save your time, money and energy to return defects, please buy from us with great confidence! Your satisfaction assured 111%! Add them to your cart, just check out!

Our always-sales price is as low as 50%~80% off Street Retail Price! Super value, Super quality! Money-back guaranteed!

Dedicated to being one of the best and largest online outlets for Consumer Electronics & Computer Peripherals!
Student Prices for Everyone, Everyday!
To make your satisfaction assured 111%!

Who we are?
is the professional online Digital Electronics & Accessories outlet of USA111 Inc, which is a reliable & reputable young corporation, located in Columbus, Ohio, United States , specializing in distributing most selections of digital & electronics online with unbeatable price, quality and service.

Campus111.com is also a Eight-year-old honorable Platinum Powerseller on eBay since 2002 with up to 170,000 99.5% POSITIVE feedbacks! We work day and night online to have survived many deadlines of delivery schedule with passion and sincerity to serve valued eBay customers.

Campus111.com serves an ever-growing online market worldwide with solid commitment to providing customers with No.1 Price, No.1 Quality and No.1 Service that combine to contribute to the success of USA111 INC.

What are the business objectives of Campus111.com?
1. To provide high quality products and services to customers under the principle of honesty and reputation".
2. To help build up an enjoyable and trustful online community on the basis of integrity, mutual benefit and developing together.
3. To return stable incomes and ample opportunities of development to hardworking employees of USA111 Inc.

Why are we here?
To make your satisfaction assured 111% is the starting point of our business. As an online outlet, we have the natural mission to offer quality products with best prices as well as best service. We have great strengths to guarantee your satisfaction: a wide choices of digital products, electronics, computer peripherals and accessories; most of our products are direct from manufacturers; powerful research & development, negotiation power with suppliers by piled-up big purchase; strict quality control system, highly competitive management team, highly efficient supply chain system, sophisticated warehousing software, excellent enterprises culture, professional and prompt service, etc. Our success comes from basic mission: we sincerely stand to serve you to the best.

How are we providing No.1 price, No.1 quality and No.1 service?
No.1 Price:
Our staff work efficiently and cut off as many unnecessary costs as possible to lower down prices for you. We save big by avoiding or minimizing store costs like rent, lighting, labor, shelving, inventory, etc. We try out best to cut any intermediary costs by sourcing directly from manufacturers. We sell items of the highest quality at 50% to 80% off street retail prices! We sell the latest, advanced, high tech products at student-affordable prices to everyone! We guarantee the lowest price for equivalent product quality and customer service. If you find lower prices than ours for a similar item, let us know. We won't float up with competitors when all boats float up, neither do we cheat our customers with abnormally high price when consumers feel our high-tech quality products deserve such a high price. We won't do that! We just want to provide as much life convenience to our customers as we can.

No.1 Quality: Our central business rule is: Customers Rule! We choose manufacturers who invest a large amount of capital in the R&D and quality enhancement, which ensures the best quality and performance of products. Most of our products are tested manually again after tested by electric devices, so the defect rate is very low. As for the raw materials, we never sacrifice quality for lower price; we always choose the big brand name suppliers to guarantee highest quality when take advantage of lower costs. We value quality as the life of our company: save your huge opportunity costs of using other products, save your delivery costs of returning the defects, save your transaction fee of refunds.

No.1 Service: Advanced technical support: we have a smartest and pioneering technical team to design our online stores for efficient search and fast checkout with a relentless commitment to providing unlimited convenient shopping experiences for valued customers; Responsive Customer Satisfaction Team: We always provide prompt answers to your questions. We usually answer your questions within 12 hours, and never later than 24 hours; fast delivery: we usually deliver your order the same/next business day, and never later than three business days. Normally you can easily track delivery through internet. We have delivery schedule promise, and will generously compensate you if we accidentally fail to deliver on time; Speedy manufacturing: with on-going business relationship with factories, we usually need only 2-4 business days to finish one big order, we even only need 7 business days to customize a big order. The factories we choose have a strict master schedule and stick to "Just in time" operation philosophy, and so never miss our deadline. The excellent corporation culture and advanced management enable USA111 Inc. to make the most of its resources and advantages to serve you. Welcome resellers!

Thank You!

A site like Campus111.com lives on its reputation. Once you know for yourself that this is a great site with high quality products at lower prices, please share the news! We appreciate your kindness to spread your invaluable POSITIVE words to your families & friends, which would be the best evaluation towards our performance, and truly what we are striving for. We save every penny in bragging advertisement, but focus our strengths on improving the quality and service. We believe that mouth-to-mouth comments of every satisfied customer would be the best advertisement. We appreciate that greatly! We appreciate your interests and trusts in our products and services. You will find that what you receive is just what you want and as advertised. Our powerful order management software and diligently working staff can take care of each order into details. We never sacrifice the quality of products and services for lower price; in contrast, we guarantee the perfect combination of No.1 Quality, No.1 Price, and No.1 Service. Again, our mission is simple: Dedicated to being one of the best and largest online outlets of computer & electronics! Student Prices for Everyone, Everyday! To make your satisfaction assured 111%!

The whole earth is like a small village, isn't it? We ship fast and you get your items fast! We usually ship the same day upon your verified payment. Your transaction will go very smooth!

USA continental customers: Express: 1-4 days; First-class: 2-5 days delivery. The sooner you check out and pay after you add to cart, the quicker you get your items. We also ship to Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Japan: 4-10 days delivery, fast & secured. The shipping fee we charge has included all postage, handling fee, insurance (unless indicated otherwise), labor costs, and material costs, etc.

Please note that we will NOT ship items to the following countries, Viet Nam , Nigeria , Russia and Colombia. Thanks!

Less shipping fee per additional item! You can also buy many other products from our entire store and combine shipping , buy more, save more!
You may wonder if the above S&H fee is high or low. Please rest assured that all we want to do is to reduce any unnecessary costs to save your money, everything will be designed at your convenience. We only charge the actual shipping, insurance, packing material & reasonable handling fee. Customers rule!
We are a reliable USA company and authorized sales-tax withholding agent in the state of Ohio. Only Ohio residents are required to pay 6.75% sales tax on item price plus shipping fee. Any question regarding sales tax, please email us at helps@campus111.com .

We accept Credit Card direct payment and Paypal payment. Please make sure you pay item Price + shipping&handling fee, which is specified clearly in our item description. We don't accept personal checks or unverified credit card payment. We'll ship your item as soon as we receive your verified payment!
For faster shipping, you'd better ask us ship to the billing address of your credit card, or send payment to our VERIFIED merchant paypal account with your verified Paypal account, or provide us your confirmed Paypal shipping address. We may also kindly accept unverified Paypal payment and will ship to your unconfirmed address upon careful consideration.
Purchasing/selling online is like a contract that is binding on both parties. It is very easy to send payment directly with your credit card. You can also sign up and fund your paypal account with your own bank account or credit card. You can send payment directly to our verified merchant paypal account: helps@campus111.com , which has already got payment from over 50,000 verified paypal members. At this time, our US-based paypal account can accept many currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD, YEN, etc. If you want to convert your payment, please do it based on some convenient currency converter websites like xe.com.
We appreciate it very much if you give us a POSITIVE feedback after you get your item and satisfied. :-)
Our quality products go fast! Pay fast, ship fast, receive fast! We appreciate your fast payment!

Money-back Guaranteed!
Campus111 ------ SquareTrade Professional Verified Member

This means your purchase is automatically backed by Paypal and SquareTrade's Buyer Protection Policy - up to $1,000. Buy with confidence now!

We appreciate your interests and trust in our quality products. We have very strict quality control system, so have extremely low defect rate. We ship safe and sound, well-packed.

We value our customer service as the real and most important product of USA111 Inc., so we offer one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee for all of our products!
a. Within one month after transaction: As a professional company, we would kindly accept return and request for refunds for whatever reasons: Full refund with shipping fee or Free exchange for return/exchange of defects or wrong items, and we pay two-way shipping fee; Full refund or free exchange for return/exchange of Non-defects, which should be in original conditions with all original package contents, and the buyer should pay the two-way shipping fee for exchange or get refund of item price only. The safest shopping you can have anywhere!
b. After one month but within one year: no return allowed and no refund; the buyer pay the two-way shipping fee for free repair and no restocking fee; if the buyer would like exchange for a brand new one, he/she should pay the two-way shipping fee as well as 10% restocking fee. We guarantee one whole year warranty. The fairest and unbeatable warranty service you can have online! Buy our products with confidence!

If you want to return the items, please be sure return it with a RMA# given thru email by our customer service representatives; to us. Before you send it back, we appreciate it if you email us in the hope that we can solve your problem by phone or emails before return, and actually most of questions and problems can be solved thru emails, we are always here being with you. We'll replace a new one or repair the old one for you very promptly.

The warranty will be treated as void if: The item is misused by improper operation; the item has not been installed, operated, maintained in accordance with the instruction manual; any significant repair or modification has been made before shipping it back. The warranty will be limited, and will not cover those damages due to: operations that are not specified on the user manual; fault voltage supply; fire, flood, or any other unexpected disaster. Please return faulty product in original packaging to our Ohio mailing address for USA customers or directly to our China 's factory warehouse for customers of other countries. If the original package is not available, please return the item in a protective package to prevent from physical damage.

Q: The warranty is from you or from manufacturer?
A: The warranty is from us, and we have long-term business relationship with manufacturers. We will be here for a life time, so you can trust our warranty. You won't bother to find manufacturer to ask for repair or refund. We do that for you!

Q: How long can I get my item delivered?
A: It normally takes 2-5 days for you to receive the items if you are in the US or 4-7 days if you are CA/AU/UK/DE/JP customers.

Q: What should I do if I am not satisfied with the products or services?
A: You can just lay back as you are protected by our one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee service. If you have any question regarding your order, please feel free to contact us by email, or phone call. Our well-trained Customer Satisfaction Team will assist you in a timely, orderly and professional way. Due to high volume orders, the correspondence by emails is preferred and we'll serve you to the best.

We appreciate your business!

Accurate, efficient & prompt service! Ordered on Friday & received on Monday!
FREE SHIPPING for first class mail within USA, 2-5 days delivery, Same day shipping by 11:30am EST!
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